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Campervan Excess Insurance - Cover Yourself Against Unexpected Damages

Thinking of renting our luxurious campervan Gigi? Taking out an excess insurance policy for your campervan hire may just save you an unexpected financial shock.

You’re dreaming of getting away from it all, hitting the road and heading out into the countryside. There is something truly invigorating about being out in the open air, surrounded trees and wildlife.

As much as it is preferable to focus on the adventure aspects of your upcoming trip, other necessities must be considered before you hit the road.

The topic of campervan rental excess insurance isn't likely to be met with much excitement. However a damage bill in your name for £500 is likely to be met with a rather large groan.

All campervan hire must come with a level of insurance, but what that cover includes will vary. What you can do as a campervan hirer is make sure you are fully covered before you sign your rental agreement.

What is campervan rental excess insurance?

Excess insurance is an insurance policy that you can take out on top of the insurance policy that is part of your campervan hire. It pays for some or all of the insurance excess in the event of a claim.

Excess insurance on a campervan hire reduces your personal financial liability from whatever the agreed security deposit amount is (£500 with us @vanhirebythecampfire).

Insurers gauge the risks of hire and clearly outline what they are and aren’t prepared to cover, based on the perceived risk profile.

The risk of damage to a hire vehicle is greater than one you own. Accidental damage can occur as a result of a lack of familiarity with the dimensions and handling of a vehicle on and off the road.

Outside of driver-caused damage are vandalism, theft, and lack of care from other drivers. Unfortunately, these are circumstances largely out of your control.

Campervan Hire Insurance Exclusions

Certain kinds of damage or expense are often excluded from standard vehicle hire insurance policies. This is because they are particularly vulnerable to damage or loss. These can include:

  • Windscreen

  • Tyres

  • Roof

  • Underbody

  • Internal damage

  • Misfuelling

  • Loss of keys

Excess insurance will cover you up to the agreed security deposit amount on your rental agreement. The campervan hire insurance policy provided with the hire will cover any additional cost over that amount, subject to any exclusions.

Why Buy Campervan Hire Excess Insurance?

The main benefit in choosing to purchase campervan rental insurance is to reduce your personal financial risk should the worst happen.

It might not be as a result of you the hirer that damage occurs. Just as often, vehicle damage occurs via a third party.

From a liability perspective, the buck stops with you, the hirer.

Insurance excess amounts are set at £500 for hiring a campervan with us @vanhirebythecampfire as they are expensive and luxury vehicles.

Damage repairs to these specialist vehicles can be very costly and we want our customers to know this in advance so they can prepare themselves with the correct cover to protect themselves financially should something unexpected happen.

By factoring in a small extra ‘security’ amount to your hire, you can reduce this liability to £0 depending on the provider. Paying out a small amount for cover is a much easier pill to swallow than £500 in one go.

Our Recommendation For Cover?

The RAC provide annual 'multi-trip' cover for £72.98 (Over 30's) or £99.98 (Under 30's) which will cover all your car, campervan and motorhome hires in the year you purchase the policy for. This can be purchased from the link below.

Buy Car Hire Excess Insurance | Excess Cover | RAC

To read the insurance product information documentation please use the link below:

Zurich_IPID_RAC_CH_GB_20210329.pdf (

Should You Take Out Excess Insurance For Campervan Hire?

At the end of the day, campervan hire excess insurance offers you the hirer, peace of mind if something unexpected and costly happens.

It is yet another expense to add to your trip budget but it is often worth having for your trip so the unforeseen doesn’t spoil what should be a fantastic holiday.

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