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Download Festival 2021

With the 2020 festival scene completely wiped out by the Covid-19 pandemic, we @vanhirebythecampfire have been keen to plan ahead for the return of the live music scene as avid festival goers. Download Festival 2021 have announced their lineup and prices and it looks like an absolute cracker. With 5 day camping tickets + access to all 3 days at the festival costing just £250pp (non camping tickets costing £216pp) it just makes massive sense to take a campervan up to Donington Park with it only being an additional £34pp to upgrade for 5 nights accommodation. With nearby hotels historically astronomically priced during the days of Download Festival, it is likely that even paying to hire a campervan and getting the camping tickets would be cheaper than getting the weekend tickets and booking a hotel for the 3 nights and way more convenient without the need to book a taxi at the end of every night to get you back to your accommodation.

Check out our Campervan Hire Availability for Download Festival 2021 here.

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